A swift sail
by R.V. Bengal Ganga

Sail along the holy Ganges o traverse the cultural side of India. Built in 2004, Bengal Ganga's The vessel is fashioned as a replication of the colonial styled 'Clyde' steamers, which plodded through the Indian deltas and low-lying water bodies during the British Raj. Complete with 28 rooms, several recreational areas and dining room, this ship takes you on a royal experience while you explore the heritage and spirituality of India.

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our special ITINERARIES

We offer a range of itineraries, which are specially curated to give you a fulfilling experience across India. Learn, explore and connect with the different facets of India while enjoying the premium luxury and hospitality of RV Bengal Ganga.

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Fashioned out of rich Burma teak and equipped with modern amenities, the ship's accommodation is an experience in itself. Each room opens into a balcony giving you a wholesome cruise experience with breath-taking views outside.

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Experience on R.V. Bengal Ganga

RV Bengal Ganga ensures a memorable and sublime experience for its guests. Start your day with rejuvenating activities like yoga, meditation and spa; sip on the finest wines and try the Indian cuisine while enjoying the beauty of Ganga.

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R.V. Bengal Ganga delicious food

Equipped with retro yet classy Streamline Moderne buffet counter, lovely teak tables and elegant interiors, our dining room offers a delectable range of Indian as well as global cuisines. Indulge in a luscious meal while enjoying the majestic beauty of river Ganges.

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R.V. Bengal Ganga

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