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Team ‘Bengal Ganga’

The RV Bengal Ganga has a professional Indian crew of over 30, many of who are field leaders in their own right, and come with a vast individual experience to form a fantastic river cruise operation. They have provided an excellent level of service in the last season and are now more like a family.

The Master Mahadev Naik

Mahadev Naik (1st class Master [IV] Kolkata) is responsible for the ship altogether. Having worked on the Indian rivers for well over 20 years, navigating the ever-changing conditions and channel configurations, he has been crucial to the successful completion of all the Ganges Voyages. The Master is assisted by a team of technical staff and assistants including: drivers, electricians, plumbers and sailors for any problems that may arise.

There are also highly knowledgeable expert guides and experienced Naturalists who travel on board during the voyage. Key personnel are:

Vishnu Sinsinwar BA – Director

Vishnu is responsible for the overall running of the cruise and generally accompanies the voyages; he also makes advance reconnaissance in preparation for each departure.  Having an intimate knowledge of the Mother Ganga, and being an eminent natural historian enables Vishnu to create seamless excursions, and ensure every passenger has every opportunity to enjoy all the Ganges has to offer. He is also an expert and keen Naturalist. He is always on the sundeck to share his expertise to the keen birdwatchers & wildlife fan traveling on board.

Sumit Bhattacharyya – Excursion Leader

Sumit has been associated with the Ganges Cruise since its inception. A qualified historian and a Govt. of India approved tourist guide, Sumit also lectures on the ship during the Cruise. He is fluent in German and has a fantastic cultural awareness that is conveyed through his beaming personality.

Prem Singh – Head Chef

Prem has worked in many resorts, Taj hotels and other cruise ships; along with other kitchen staff they prepare delicious Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisine to delight your every palate. Though the ship has a walk in freezer for storage, he makes every effort to get fresh fruit and vegetables at every stop en-route. Prem is an excellent chef to whom hygiene is paramount and his zeal for cleanliness is only matched by his perfectionist personality in his recipes.

Mahendra Singh – House-Keeping

Mahendra has worked in several Taj hotels in the past and delivers an outstanding level of service. His team ensure that your journey on board is made as comfortable as possible by preparing your cabin facilities well in advance; that laundry is carried out swiftly and to the highest standard, and continuously carry out daily checks to maintain a high standard of cleanliness throughout the ship-both in cabins and in the public areas.

All of Team ‘Bengal Ganga’ is friendly and more than willing to answer any questions you may have, or give you any other assistance you may require, so don’t hesitate in approaching them at any time during your voyage. With the above, we are sure that you will have a memorable cruise with us, where the journey is the destination.




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